DNA Behavior has developed a series of proprietary algorithms to reliably predict and describe participants Natural Behaviors. Working with PhDs at the Georgia Institute of Technology, these algorithms have been validated. One such algorithm, the Natural Behavior Unique Style Group Scoring Model is used to assemble individuals into Unique Style Groups based on combinations of their validated Natural Behavior profile factors.

POST api/NaturalBehavior/SubmitAnswers

This POST is the starting point for all Natural Behavior APIs calls. This transfer will include the PersonID, participants name, email address as username and the 46 Question Most and Least like answer selections as completed by the participant in your platform. Once DNA Behavior receives the answer data, a participant account (called Client in the DNA System) will be created and several algorithms will be triggered to score the participant’s discovery answers.

GET api/NaturalBehavior/GetAssessmentResults/{PersonID}

This is a step-by-step guide to retrieve the core Natural Behavior data from the DNA Behavior database after a participant has completed their process.

GET api/NaturalBehavior/GetHiringData/{PersonID}

This is a step-by-step guide to retrieve the 25 Business DNA Hiring and Career Insights after an individual has completed Natural Behavior. Note: The talent, role, environment and reward insights will be sent and received by Insight ID. If successful, DNA will respond with the Hiring data.

GET api/NaturalBehavior/GetPerformanceGuide/{PersonID}/{LanguageID}

This endpoint is to retrieve the 13 DNA Insights (5 strengths, 3 struggles, 5 performance environment keys) for the designated language after an individual has completed the Natural Behavior discovery process. If successful, DNA will respond with the Performance Guide.

GET api/NaturalBehavior/GetBDNA5Scores/{PersonID}/{LanguageID}

This endpoint is to retrieve 5 Business DNA scores and values. If successful, DNA will respond with the BDNA 5 scores data.


This endpoint is to provide reports as a service. Reports are downloaded in pdf format.

GET api/report/GetPDF/{CreditID}/{LanguageID}/{ReportID}

The purpose of this endpoint is to retrieve existing reports from DNA Behavior's platform in pdf format.